Privacy Policy

The TOC Learning Network (TOCLN) was founded in 2008 by Mark de-Kiewiet, Mario Raia, Allan Presland, Heather Jennings, Rex Williams, Christoph Lenhartz and Henry Soo  I

During these last years, our company has gained great popularity, respect and reputation of a very reliable and professional agency, it has become one of the leaders in Asia Pacific, providing thousands of people with good learning opportunties and helping to create prosperous undertakings.

TOCLN programs are all-round. Our probations, trainings and vacancies are intended for people, who are interested in absolutely different orbits. You can choose anything from production, project management, distribution to strategic thinking process and so on.

We have gathered hundreds of the best TOC experts to help you achieve the success.The best world-known speakers are always ready to share their secrets with you. One of the main pros is that you are able to take part in our programs in different parts of the world, so that you can not only get new knowledge, but also discover a lot of amazing places. You also meet a great number of soul mates. Some of the participants of our programs had even unified and began co-operating.  

TOCLN is a band for ambitious, active, purposeful people from different continents, countries and cities, who are ready and want to change their lives for the better. The motto of our TOCLN is WE WORK SO THAT YOU COULD WORK. Each participant of our program becomes a member of the big global TOC FAMILY.  Your success is our success, and we are always proud of the members of the family.

If you also want changes for the better, join us! We are waiting for your calls, e-mails and visits.  Coming to us, you will not regret. Make a determined step in your new life!