TOC Learning Network Formation

On 18 Jan., 08, it was wonderful chance for me to meet TOC community from all over the world in Miami. I was very excited to join the Dr. Eli Goldratt's CCPM facilitator program and become founding member of TOC Learning Network (TOCLN) - Global. Many thanks for our core team members :  Mark de-Kiewiet, Mario Raia, Allan Presland, Heather Jennings, Rex Williams, Christoph Lenhartz, who have always done their best to revise our initial version of TOCLN charter document as our guideline for those TOC community to setup their local TOCLN chapter in different part of the world. This TOC Learning Network (originally called 'TOC Club') programme supported by Dr. Eli Goldratt who share their valuable life and learning experience with our TOCLN members. I here encourage our TOC community who have joined this programme to make the best out of it by initiating more contact with their local TOC community, so as to learn from the precious experience of group. This year, we are planning to organize activities to provide more chances for building up our network by organizing more activities in TOCICO conference and different part of the world. I encourage our TOC community members to participate in our activities or, even better, to join the working core team of TOCLN in global and local chapter. The TOCLN is providing a good platform for all our members to continually develop our friendship and widen our network for TOC knowledge.